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Personal Training Is The Front Line To Your Health and Wellness

About Self Health Fitness in Raleigh, North Carolina
We know that not everyone wakes up with the drive to get in the best shape ever. Over the years, working with hundreds of clients, SHF always took the time to hear you and truly listen to what it is you need and want.  We want to teach you how to fish, not just give you the fish, as they say.  Become the Forever You today with SHF.

At Self Health Fitness, we do more than just keep you motivated day in and day out. We make sure your life is scheduled and completely planned out so you never are unsure what you should be doing. Many people today struggle to find the middle ground between life and staying fit. If this is you, we know just what you need — preparation, accountability, and consistency!

With our personal training solutions, we give you all the tools you need to keep the movement going at a high level. We show you how to maximize your fitness based on what you like to do, how much time you have, what you have access to, and so many other factors. We make personal training a truly personal experience, so you know what you need to do to keep the momentum and movement going.

We make personal training in Raleigh, North Carolina less about getting results as quickly as possible and more about teaching you how to make fitness a realistic priority in your life.

What To Expect

“Meeting new clients is always an interesting experience. Each client generally has a different perspective as to what I do as a Personal Trainer. Well, I am here to tell you that it is my job to act as the front line for your overall health and wellness. It is my job to help you create a lifestyle that you can maintain with or without my help. Personal Trainers are here to help you deal with your daily joint or muscle aches and pains. Trainers are here to help you become stronger and more focused with your body. Expect your posture to be critiqued. Expect your body to change both physically and mentally. We are here to help you achieve the goals and standards needed to become the Forever You. So expect to guided and worked with in a manner that produces short and long term results. At the end of the day, it is my job to make you the best athlete you can be so that you can do all the fun things you have planned in your life. Personal Training is an opportunity for you to get in the best shape of your life, permanently!”


My Location

Kyler is professionally training out of the garage and front room of his house. His garage is fully equipped like you would expect from a professional gym setting. He has also made the front room into the intake assessment room as well as a shop area for buying the supplement brands he is a rep for currently, as well as his branded gear. Click here to go to the Location page and find out more!

To set up a personal training session or find out more about our approach, get in touch with us at SHF today!

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