Nutritional Advice, Raleigh, NC

Longevity Nutrition and Elemental Eating

Your body wants a balance of many minerals, vitamins, and macro-nutrients as well as antioxidants. More importantly, your body wants this array of nutrients from different sources (fire, water, air, earth, fungi) to bring out the most potential in the food. What balance your body needs for these items will be relative to your situation, and where you source these items will also be a key to your success.  Learn to appreciate food as it was designed and take control of your life today.

Nutritional Advice in Raleigh, North Carolina

At Self Health Fitness, we focus on nutrition in a whole new way. We want to make nutrition easy for everyone in their current situation, and we want people of different eating styles to be able to see the benefits.

If you’ve been turning to the internet, your best friend, or that magazine you saw at the store for nutritional advice, you’re looking for it in all the wrong places. We give you nutritional advice that actually works and does good for your body, so you feel better, function better, and start to make progress towards your goals.

Our nutritional advice follows the belief that what you eat should meet your needs on many different levels. As a person with a unique lifestyle, nutritional preferences, and individual activity level, we give you the tools to make smart decisions at home, at work, and anywhere else you spend your day.

When you need nutritional advice you can count on in Raleigh, North Carolina, turn to us at SHF. For more information about changing your eating habits for the better, contact us today!