My Location

Professional Trainer, Raleigh, NC

Kyler has been a personal trainer since he graduated high school. Like many trainers, he had his opportunity at Gold’s Gym. From being a great personal trainer at Gold’s, he would go on to become a gym manager and travel the country for around 7 years. Since his days traveling, he has been running his own business, Self Health Fitness. Kyler spent time renting space at other gyms but now has focused on training out of his garage and house overall. Kyler has big plans to use the house as much as he can to help his clients truly understand how to change the way they live their life.

Currently he has the front room of the house ready for fitness assessments, shop to buy his branded gear and also sells the supplements that he uses himself. Beyond the assessment room he has completely converted his whole garage into a professional gym. He has everything he needs to help you become the Forever You and Live for Longevity all the days of your life. If you aren’t sure if this opportunity is for you then go ahead and schedule your FREE FITNESS ASSESSMENT (link to new Free Fitness Assessment Page) so that you can meet Kyler in person and have the opportunity yourself to see the set up he has created for his wonderful clients.