About Self Health Fitness, Raleigh, NC

We give you the tools to make the right decisions about your health every day.

Live for longevity and become the forever you! At Self Health Fitness, we exist to help everyone from the gym buff to the stay-at-home mom become the best version of themselves by improving the way they treat their body for increased physical, mental, and emotional health.

Change the way you think about health and wellness and what it means to be healthy every day! Contact us at SHF today if you want to know more.

About Self Health Fitness

Self Health Fitness was started by Kyler Self to help others achieve their health and wellness by reversing the modern day side effects of American living. Kyler grew up in Indiana, where he loved being active outside, inside, and everywhere in between. Even in high school, he enjoyed helping others learn how to improve their fitness and later continued with these endeavors when he started as a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym. After moving into several senior training positions at various fitness facilities, traveling around the country, he started to realize it was never actually about helping people – it was always about the money, no matter what state or company he worked for at the time.

Displeased with the industry, Kyler set off on his own and decided to take time to gather his thoughts. He eventually started Self Health Fitness, and his plan was to bridge the gap between client and trainer and teach each what is truly important day in and day out.

Kyler is devoted to teaching people everything they need to know, so they can take care of themselves and stop searching for other solutions. Learning how to live for longevity gives you the tools to make the right decisions each day, no matter what situation you face.